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Stretching Home Sweet Home: How to Lower Monthly Expenses for Aging Parents

We know the goal is to have your parents be able to stay in their home as long as they are healthy enough to do so. If the dust has built up on managing their budget, these are a few tips that can help reduce the monthly outgoing expenses, and chances are it can be done without them missing a thing.

Review Entertainment Packages: Evaluate cable and internet plans for potential savings. Opt for packages that align with actual usage rather than unnecessary features.

Assess Subscription Services: Identify and cancel unused or redundant subscriptions, such as streaming services, to cut unnecessary expenses.

Optimize Home Maintenance Costs: Seek out local companies for services like pest control and lawn care, which may offer discounts for seniors. Encourage routine maintenance to prevent costly repairs.

Explore Property Tax Exemptions: Investigate potential property tax exemptions available for seniors based on income thresholds. Despite the paperwork involved, the savings can be substantial.

Offer Assistance: Provide support to your aging parents in navigating these cost-saving measures, whether through research or direct assistance with paperwork.

Feeling overwhelmed just thinking about it? Contact Clear View for a full review of household expenses. We have an extensive roadmap for this and would love to help. #loweringmonthlyexpenses #agingparents #waystosaveyourparentsmoney #aginginplace

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