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What next? A Compassionate Approach to Navigate the Financial Maze "

Updated: Mar 10

These are things we’ve experienced in this journey and want to share for reference. We’d love other people to chime in to share what worked and didn’t for them. Starting this process before a crisis hits transforms it from a sprint to a manageable jog. It's about securing your parents' financial well-being with compassion and understanding

If you've got the green light – your parents have given you the nod to help them navigate the complexities of their financial world. It's a significant step, but now the real challenge begins: where to start? It's a bit like that surreal moment when your mom nonchalantly says, "Sure, go through my purse." Where do you even begin?

First things first – getting the affirmative may take time and several conversations, or your parents might be all in from the get-go, thrilled to have someone share the load. Regardless, the 'yes' sets the stage for the next big question: what's the game plan? 

For us, it all began with understanding where the money was going and where it was coming from. The starting line? Round up all the accounts your parents have payments flowing in and out of. It might involve sorting through a pile of unopened bank envelopes or making a trip to the bank to print statements. This is the point where the real detective work kicks in. 

Once you've sifted through the accounts and flagged any suspicious or duplicate charges, it's time to create that list of companies to contact and get those issues resolved. Brace yourself for a walk, a drink, or maybe some comforting ice cream because diligence is key to distinguishing the legitimate from the red flags.

Patience is your best ally throughout this process. We embarked on this journey ourselves, and it inspired us to start Clear View. We understand that not everyone has the time or bandwidth to navigate this alone. We can help sort through statements, identify potential savings, make those calls to negotiate fees, and provide you with a comprehensive snapshot of where your parents stand today.

 If you need us to help dig in, we're here to help make this journey smoother for you and your family. We are also here to listen. It may be hard to remember the times when your roles were clearly defined as parent to child, versus child parenting the parent.

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